Work with us!

We started Cellar 82 because of our passion for cocktails and beautiful celebrations. We would love to chat with you about our passion and how we might be able to work together.


Need some ideas? Here are some examples of how we can work together.

Recipe Development: I have a passion for designing and creating new cocktails for people to enjoy. I also enjoy adding my touch to existing recipes that are customized to your customer or audience. These recipes can be featured on your website, the Cellar 82 website, or any media outlet of your choice. 

Styling: I love styling cocktails and even more so parties/events! I pride myself in attention to detail and creativity when it comes to setting up your specialty bars. Check out our Instagram for an example of some of our work.

Brand Ambassador/Spokesperson: I would love to represent your brand or product in a multitude of avenues.  Do you need someone to travel and represent your brand?  I can represent your brand by touring, attending a conference, and sharing my experience on my website as well as an extensive list of social media channels.

Social Media Promotion: Social media is a huge part of my every day life. I am proud of the fact that I have a great following after only two short years. I can help promote your brand through all channels of social media including but not limited to Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and Twitter. 

We would love to hear from you! Feel free to send us an email at