This is the perfect gift for Gin lovers this Holiday season!


Available in three flavours: Winter Gin, Holiday Hibiscus, and Jolly Juice and packaged in adorable christmas ornaments. Hangs perfectly off of a bottle of your favorite vodka to give as a gift.  


Winter Gin:


This winter gin is infused with fresh foraged juniper berries, white fir, and lots of winter herbs and spices. It's refreshing and aromatic, and a perfect winter foraging recipe.


Holiday Hibiscus:


It’s got a lovely floral and fruity flavor that’ll make you think you’re drinking in a hammock on the beach under some palm trees because that’s #goals, right?


Jolly Juice:


Refreshing with a slight tartness. Will definitely make you more festive this holiday season.


Simply add a tablespoon or two of our botaical blend to a bottle of your favorite vodka and leave for at least 48 hours. When time is up and you have reached the flavour you want, simple strain and sip over ice or use in your favorite cocktail (works perfect in a gin martini!). 


Holiday Collection - Ornament Blend